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Holistic Turtles-Holistic Health for Aging.

Why turtles? Because turtles are timeless, patient, and thoughtful creatures in many cultures, and our company values these qualities in both our staff and the clients we work with.

Holistic Turtles specializes in integrating breath, mindfulness, and movement through the gentle and expert guidance of Michèle Rafferty certified yoga instructor and dancer. Her 20 plus years of practice have benefitted countless elders and Holistic Turtles was developed to improve overall well being through aging by focusing on physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

We set ourselves apart from other senior programs because we see health in the big picture, and one big component is spiritual growth--a no-brainer for well-rounded health.

Holistic Turtles provides on-site hands on education and programs that encompass a balanced, well rounded, and healthy lifestyle creating dignity, compassion, and hope to Seniors lives.

Advances in elderly healthcare and the ever increasing skills and experience of specialized doctors means people are living longer. reports that 'one in five residents [in Westchester] are 60 years or older, which makes the population in the County home to 167,000 older people.'

Prospects for the healthcare needs of those over fifty-five being met are sobering. To meet these needs, it is necessary for Holistic Turtles to work alongside geriatricians, health care practitioners, assisted living facilities, residential homes, labor unions, and families. We educate families of seniors and professionals in the senior health field, through presentations, demos, and programming to seniors, the importance Holistic Turtles and standard treatments from a doctor holds in improving the health of our seniors in Westchester.

Our commitment to be fully immersed in the work we do, makes us a successful company to work and invest with. Holistic Turtles understands the development of the senior. A key milestone for aging adults is giving back to society as either a wise grandparent--giving advice, support, and taking care of grandchildren, or volunteering and giving back at a philanthropic level. During this milestone, Holistic Turtles programs, one of them being the established and ongoing Yoga/Movement program, provides support, focusing on a holistic approach, which encompasses looking at the individual as a multi-dimensional being affected by their own genetic blueprint and the external environment. Due to this holistic approach seniors are open to healing, healthy aging, and respond well to Holistic Turtles approach, living consciously in the present, while looking forward to a future that is hopeful and sustainable to all (humans, including plants, animals and Turtles) that live on our beautiful planet.

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